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Difference between two butterfly valve products

Release Date: October 10, 2015

Difference between two butterfly valve products

Large diameter butterfly valve only needs to be turned 90 degrees to quickly open and close, and the operation is simple. When it is fully opened, the only resistance to the flow of the medium through the valve body is the thickness of the butterfly plate, so the pressure drop generated is small, and the performance of flow control is better.
The worm gear butterfly valve has a double eccentric structure, which has a strong seal and can be closed more tightly. Stainless steel and nitrile oil-resistant rubber are used as the pair of sealing materials, so it can be used for a long time. The rubber sealing ring can be either on the valve body or on the butterfly plate. It is suitable for many different characteristics of the medium, and the user can choose according to his needs. The butterfly plate has high strength and low flow resistance. The whole has baking paint, which can prevent rust or corrosion. As long as the sealing material is replaced, it can be used in different media. It can be installed in different directions without being restricted by the direction in which the medium flows. It is more flexible and convenient to operate.