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Application of butterfly valve with actuator in pipeline

Release Date: October 13, 2015

Application of butterfly valve with actuator in pipeline

Today's butterfly valves use an electric actuator, which is a typical valve regulating device. The following introduces the use of butterfly valves with electric actuators in the pipeline. As the name suggests, the electric actuator is a device that uses electricity to complete, and the main role of this device is to adjust the device with the ability to regulate itself, so that the device can achieve automatic operation to regulate and control.
When it comes to this device, it is currently used with pipeline valves. For the medium of the pipeline, it can automatically regulate and control, so that the medium can be transported more stably in the pipeline. This is the advantage of the current device, and when it comes to the electric butterfly valve, it is a typical device. This type of butterfly valve is one of the more commonly used types. Due to the connection of electric actuators, this type of electric butterfly valve has a more effective interception function in the pipeline and regulates the flow of the medium. This type of actuator drives the actuator to actuate the valve body and stem and the butterfly plate connected to it through the generated electrical energy. The valve stem drives the butterfly plate to move, thereby regulating the pipeline medium. Function and has automatic control effect.