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Features of Electric Hard Sealed Ventilation Butterfly Valve

Release Date: October 17, 2015

The main features of valves used in pipelines today are strong durability, abrasion resistance and high hardness of the materials themselves. These are devices that provide regulation for the medium flow in the pipeline. When it comes to the current pipeline valves, in fact, mainly hard-sealed valves are mainly used. Because the hardness of the hard-sealed material is relatively high, and the wear resistance and pressure resistance are relatively good, the utilization and durability in the pipeline are relatively high. This is the current advantage of this valve. As one of the ventilated hard-seal butterfly valves, the regulating valve has emerged in recent years, and the use of electric valves has made more use of this type of valve. Here we introduce the combination of electric devices and hard-sealed ventilated butterfly valves.

For the ventilation butterfly valve , the electric actuator is regarded as an auxiliary device to improve its comprehensive performance. At present, as a device capable of performing automatic adjustment, the electric ventilation butterfly valve formed by connecting the electric actuator to the ventilation butterfly valve can be described as It is an indispensable type of equipment in ventilation ducts. The reason for this is that this butterfly valve is different from ordinary stainless steel butterfly valves in that it can achieve automatic regulation and control of gas in the pipeline. This adjustment effect is mainly manifested in the automatic adjustment mechanism of the electric actuator on the valve body, and the electricity generated after the power is applied can cause the internal components of the actuator to generate a certain driving force, thereby regulating the opening and closing of the valve body inside the valve body In this way, it can play a certain media adjustment effect in the ventilation duct.