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Vigorously promote the localization of the valve industry

Release Date: September 15, 2015

[Fake valve]:

In order to vigorously promote the localization of the valve industry, the relevant state departments have made a series of major deployments in accordance with the national requirements for major equipment localization, and are led by the National Development and Reform Commission. The China Machinery Industry Federation and the China General Machinery Industry Association have deployed Formulated the valve localization plan for major equipment in related fields, and coordinated with relevant departments many times, and now the valve localization has reached a consensus in the domestic valve industry.
The actuator is the main control device of the valve. It is divided into electric actuator, pneumatic actuator, gas-hydraulic linkage actuator and electro-hydraulic linkage actuator according to the structure. According to the function, it can be divided into switch type and regulating type.
The structure of the piston type flow regulating pressure valve can be divided into diaphragm type, spring film type, piston type, lever type and bellows type; according to the number of valve seats, it can be artificial single seat type and double seat type; according to the position of the valve disc The difference can be divided into positive action and reverse action.
The valve has a wide range of applications, including petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, nuclear energy, metallurgy, ships, light industry, food, municipal and other aspects. Piston type pressure regulating valve meets the needs of the industry, so choosing a piston type pressure regulating valve is a more cost-effective choice.