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2016 National Day Holiday Notice

Release Date: October 01, 2016

The company leaders studied the spirit of the National Day holiday notice, and combined with the actual situation of the company, and after research, the company decided that the 2016 National Day holiday arrangements are as follows:
There will be 7 days off from October 1st to October 7th, 2016. Among them, October 1 (Saturday), October 2 (Sunday), and October 3 (Monday) are national holidays, and October 4 (Monday) and October 5 (Tuesday) are closed. October 8 (Saturday), October 9 (Sunday) closed to October 4 (Tuesday), October 5 (Wednesday)
1. The 2016 National Day holiday schedule is long. You can arrange travels, visit relatives and friends, relax yourself during the long holiday, and devote yourself to work and life after the long holiday. Be on time after the holidays
2. During the holiday, each department arranges the duty notification, and arranges the security section to do the company's security work during the holiday.
3. All departments must do a good job of safety self-inspection before the holiday. When leaving for the holiday, turn off the power, lock the doors and windows, and ensure safety.
4. During the holidays, all departments should properly arrange the work of duty and safety and security. In case of major emergencies, they should be reported in a timely manner and disposed of properly. If you need to work overtime, please forward the "Overtime Application Form" by the leader in advance. Submit it to the front desk for filing. If you need leave, please submit the "Leaving Request" in advance to the front desk for approval. Thank you for your cooperation!
5. Before the holiday, please ask colleagues to do a good job of security hazard investigation, and pay attention to fire prevention and theft prevention in the dormitory.
Please pay attention to the safety of the holidays during the holiday. Finally, I wish everyone a peaceful and peaceful holiday.