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What does a stainless steel check valve do?

Release Date: November 16, 2016

A variety of mechanical equipment or instruments need to be matched with different types of valves to maintain normal operation. Compared with ordinary valves, stainless steel check valves are only one-way valves, also called reverse flow valves. This type of automatic valve can only be operated by the flow force of the medium itself, and it has a wide range of applications. , But you also need to know the role of stainless steel check valve before choosing?

Everyone should know that the working characteristics of check valves are large load changes and low opening and closing frequencies. Once they are closed or opened, the application cycle is very long, and no moving parts are required. The main functions are as follows:

I. Lifting steel check valve is suitable for pipelines under various working conditions such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, and power industries with a pressure of 1.6 ~ 25MPa / 2.0-42.0MPa and an operating temperature of -29 ~ + 550 ℃. The applicable medium is Water, oil, steam, acidic media, etc. Stainless steel check valves are used in piping systems. Their main function is to prevent the medium from flowing backwards, prevent the pump and its drive motor from reversing, and release the medium in the container.

Second, the stainless steel check valve can also be used to supply pressure to the auxiliary system that may exceed the pressure of the main system. Stainless steel check valve can be applied to the pipeline of various media depending on the material. The check valve is installed on the pipeline and becomes one of the fluid components of this complete pipeline. The flap opening and closing process is affected by the transient flow state of the system in which it is located. In turn, the closing characteristics of the flap Has an effect on the state of fluid flow.

From the above two introductions, everyone knows what the stainless steel check valve does. Regardless of whether it is petrochemical or pharmaceutical power, the control of the medium is very strict, no negligence and errors can occur. Once a leak occurs, the consequences are conceivable, so after mastering its role, it can be correct Use it.