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What are the working characteristics of stainless steel check valve?

Release Date: November 22, 2016

The check valve made of stainless steel is the type with the highest usage rate. The reason it is called a check valve , as the name suggests is that the medium can only flow in one direction, so it is also an automatic valve. In order to be able to better use and maintain during use, you also need to know the stainless steel check valve What are the working characteristics?
The check valve has many working characteristics, such as large load changes and low opening and closing frequencies. It is obvious that once it is put into the closed or open state, the applicable cycle is very long and does not require the moving parts to move. However, once the "switching" requirement is required, it must be flexible, which is more demanding than common mechanical movements.
As the check valve is qualitatively determined for fast closing in most practical uses, and the moment the check valve is closed, the medium flows in the direction. With the valve flap closed, the medium quickly drops from the maximum backflow speed to zero , And the pressure rises rapidly, that is, a "water hammer" phenomenon that may have a damaging effect on the pipeline system.
For the high-pressure piping system applicable to multiple pumps connected in parallel, the water hammer problem of the check valve is more prominent. Water hammer is a kind of pressure wave in the transient flow in a pressure pipe. It is a hydraulic shock phenomenon caused by the pressure rise or fall caused by the change of the fluid velocity in the pressure pipe.
The physical cause is the combined effect of fluid incompressibility, fluid motion inertia and pipeline elasticity. In order to prevent the hidden danger of water hammer in pipelines, for many years, people have adopted some new structures and new materials in the design of check valves. While ensuring the applicable performance of check valves, the impact force of water hammer is minimized. Encouraging progress has been made.
The above is a detailed introduction to the working characteristics of stainless steel check valves , and everyone has a certain understanding of this. This type of valve has a lot of features, and it is more demanding. It is very suitable for some pipelines with large load changes. As long as it is selected and used correctly, it can really solve many problems.