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Knowledge of stainless steel products

Release Date: December 26, 2016

At present, the stainless steel surface is treated with a variety (1) the surface color is whitened. (2) The surface mirror stone is brightly treated. (3) Surface coloring treatment.

A. At present, there are two methods for this scale treatment:

(1) Sand blasting method is used.
(2) The chemical method is adopted.

That is, a one-minute pollution-free pickling passivation paste and a non-toxic cleaning solution with inorganic additives at room temperature are used for dipping. So as to achieve the purpose of whitening of stainless steel . It basically looks the color of a glance. This method is more suitable for large and complex products and is worthy of popularization and application.

B. Mirror bright treatment on stainless steel surface:

According to the complexity of stainless steel products and different requirements of users, mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, electrochemical polishing and other methods can be used to achieve mirror stone gloss.

C. There are several methods for stainless steel coloring:

(1) Ion-deposited oxide or oxide.
(2) High temperature oxidation method.

(3) Chemical oxidation method. Electrochemical oxidation.
(4) Gas phase cracking method.