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What are the types of stainless steel check valves

Release Date: July 12, 2016

The stainless steel check valve has many uses. It can be used in homes or in industry. Its function is to allow the medium to go in one direction instead of going backwards. This equipment is generally automated, meaning When the medium goes in the positive direction, the valve is open. If the medium wants to go backwards, the valve will close by itself, which is very convenient. There are more than one type of check valve, let's find out what are the types of stainless steel check valve !

Type of check valve

The probability of using a lift check valve is very high. The valve disc of this device is installed on the sealing surface of the valve seat and can lift up and down freely. However, the setting of other parts is similar to the stop valve. The pressure generated by the medium also starts the valve disc from the sealing surface, and the quality is of course reliable.

Check valve type two, swing check valve

The design of the swing check valve is a bit different from that of the lift type. It has a hinge mechanism. In addition, there is a disc on the inclined seat surface against it. There are many choices for the material of the flap of the swing check valve, which can be all metal, rubber, synthetic material, etc. This type of check valve will experience less resistance because it is fully open.

The type of disc check valve is introduced here for everyone, I hope the answer will make you satisfied. There are more than one type of check valve, and the material is the same, but compared with other check valves, stainless steel products will be more durable and easier to clean, so many workers will choose it.