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Plunger globe valve principle

Release Date: March 18, 2017

The plunger stop valve is composed of valve body, valve cover, valve stem, plunger, guide ring, seal ring, hand wheel and other components.

When the handwheel is rotated, the plunger is driven by the valve rod to move up and down along the guide ring, so that the inclined cone surface of the plunger end is separated from or coincides with the valve seat cone surface to complete the opening or closing of the valve. An interference fit is used between the plunger and the sealing ring in the valve. By adjusting the tightening force of the flange bolt, the lateral force generated by the compression of the sealing ring is sealed with the hole surface in the valve body and the outer circle of the plunger, thereby ensuring that The tightness of the valve prevents external leakage.


The plunger stop valve is composed of valve body, valve cover, gland, stem, valve plug, valve cover, piston ring, integrated cylinder liner (valve seat) stem nut, flat bearing, hand wheel, bevel gear and other components. Because the wheel rotates and lifts the rod to drive the piston to make it reciprocate up and down between the inside and outside of the conical cylinder liner to complete its closing and opening. The cylinder sleeve structure of the plunger stop valve is tapered inside the cylinder (valve seat) cone circular shape according to the applicable medium. Stainless steel or cemented carbide is overlaid, and the hardness of the overlaid layer can reach HRC40. . The sealing structure of the valve plug and the piston ring has a multilayer seal composed of metal and non-metal. When a piston ring is worn out for a long time, the pressure has been adjusted to zero, and the pressure regulation has failed, so the second metal is cut off. The conical piston seals at the same time, so the service life of the plunger stop valve is several times longer than that of the ordinary valve, so no special maintenance is required during use to keep it from leaking, and a more opening and closing device for five leaking pipes can be realized. The choice has obvious applications for saving energy, reducing labor and environmental pollution.

The plunger cut-off valve has a simple, scientific, safe and reliable structure. It is particularly easy and flexible to open and close. It has the advantages of light and fast opening and closing compared with the plunger valve. Its sealing performance is unique and has no leakage. Double-effect function, one-piece valve seat (cylinder liner) radial conical sealing surface, high height, large contact area, and good performance. The selection of piston ring materials according to different applicable media can comprehensively increase its range of use and high temperature resistance , Wear resistance, corrosion resistance, strong resilience, etc. After a long time of use, if the piston ring is worn and maintained, the pressure can be adjusted to increase the original state. The technology of plunger stop valve maintenance and replacement of piston ring technology is simple and convenient. The valve body does not need to be detached from the pipeline, and the valve cover assembly can be replaced after the valve is stopped.