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Knowledge of installing gate valve

Release Date: April 9, 2017

The installation of the valve should be performed in accordance with the valve instruction manual and relevant regulations. Careful inspection and careful construction are required during construction. Before the valve is installed, it should be installed after passing the pressure test. Check the valve's specifications and models carefully according to the drawings, check whether the parts of the valve are intact, whether the opening and closing valve can rotate freely, and whether the sealing surface is damaged. You are ready to install. When the valve is installed, the operating mechanism of the valve should be about 1.2m away from the operating ground, which will be in line with the chest. When the center of the valve and the handwheel are more than 1.8m away from the operating ground, an operating platform should be provided for the valve and safety valve that are operated more. For pipelines with many valves , the valves should be concentrated on the platform as far as possible for easy operation. For a single valve over 1.8m and infrequently operated, equipment such as sprocket, extension rod, movable platform and movable ladder can be used. When the valve is installed below the operating surface, an extension rod should be provided, and the ground valve should be provided with a ground well. For safety reasons, the ground well should be covered with the valve stem of the valve on the horizontal pipeline. . The valve stem is installed downward, which is inconvenient for operation and maintenance, and it is easy to corrode the valve and cause accidents. Do not install the floor valve at an angle to avoid inconvenient operation. The valves on the side-by-side pipelines should have spaces for operation, maintenance, disassembly, and clear distance between the handwheels of not less than 100mm. If the pipe distance is narrow, the valves should be staggered.

Installation points of gate valve

1) The installation position, height, and import and export directions must meet the design requirements, and the connections should be firm and tight. 2) The handles of all kinds of manual valves installed on insulation pipes must not be downward.

3) The valve must be visually inspected before installation. The nameplate of the valve should comply with the current national standard "General Valve Mark" GB 12220. For valves with a working pressure greater than 1.0 MPa and a cut-off function on the main pipe, strength and tight performance tests should be carried out before installation, and only approved after use. In the strength test, the test pressure is 1.5 times the nominal pressure, and the duration is not less than 5min. The valve housing and packing should be qualified without leakage. During the tightness test, the test pressure is 1.1 times the nominal pressure; the test pressure shall meet the requirements of the GB 50243 standard for the duration of the test, and the leakage of the sealing surface of the valve disc is qualified. Concealed Wedge Cast Iron Gate Valve

4) The handwheel, handle and transmission mechanism are not allowed to be used for lifting, and collision is strictly prohibited.

5) The gate valve with transmission mechanism should be installed in accordance with the product instruction manual.