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Carbon steel globe valve overview and features

Release Date: April 9, 2017

Carbon steel globe valve nominal pressure: PN≤1.6Mpa Applicable medium: water, oil, acid. The opening and closing part of the stop valve is a plug-shaped valve disc, the sealing surface is flat or conical, and the valve disc moves linearly along the center line of the fluid. The movement type of the valve stem is a lifting rod type (the valve rod is raised and lowered, and the hand wheel is not raised and lowered), and there is also a lifting rotating rod type (the hand wheel is rotated and raised together with the valve stem, and the nut is provided on the valve body). The globe valve is only suitable for full open and full close. It is not allowed to adjust and throttle. The type of globe valve is divided into external thread type and internal thread type according to the position of the stem thread. According to the flow direction of the medium, there are straight-through, direct-current and angular. The shut-off valve is divided into sealing forms, and it has a packing-sealed shut-off valve and a bellows-sealed shut-off valve.

Structural features of carbon steel globe valve

1. Exquisite selection of materials, in line with domestic and foreign relevant standards, reasonable structure and beautiful appearance.

2. The sealing surface of the valve disc and the valve seat is made of iron-based alloy surfacing or Stellite cobalt-based hard alloy surfacing, which is wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant, good anti-scratch performance, and long service life. .

3. The valve stem is quenched and tempered and the surface is nitrided to have good corrosion resistance and scratch resistance.

4. J41H cast steel globe valve can adopt various piping flange standards and flange sealing surface types to meet various engineering needs and user requirements.

5. The valve body has a complete variety of materials, and the packing and gasket can be reasonably selected according to the actual working conditions or user requirements, which can be applicable to various pressure, temperature and medium working conditions.

6. Inverted seal is made of screw-connected sealing seat or body surfacing austenitic stainless steel. The seal is reliable. Replacing the packing can be performed without stopping the machine, which is convenient and quick, and does not affect the system operation.