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Classification and working principle of electric globe valve

Release Date: May 14, 2017

The working principle of the electric shut-off valve is to make the valve open or occluded by rotating the valve. The gate valve is lightweight, small in size, can be made into a large caliber, has a reliable seal, simple structure, and convenient maintenance. The sealing surface and the spherical surface are often in a closed state, which is not easy to be eroded by the medium.

Classification of electric globe valve :

According to the channel position, it can be divided into straight type and right angle type.

working principle:

A. Opening process

1 In the closed position, the valve body is tightly pressed on the valve seat by the mechanical pressure of the valve stem.

2 When the handwheel is turned counterclockwise, the valve stem moves in the opposite direction, and the angular plane at the bottom makes the ball release the valve seat.

3 The valve stem continues to lift, and interacts with the guide pin in the spiral groove of the valve stem, so that the ball starts to rotate without friction.

4 Until the fully open position, the valve stem is lifted to the extreme position, and the ball is rotated to the fully open position.

B. The closing process

1 When closed, turn the handwheel clockwise, the valve stem starts to lower and the ball leaves the valve seat and starts to rotate.

2 Continue to rotate the handwheel, the valve stem is affected by the guide pin embedded in the spiral groove on it, so that the valve stem and the gate rotate 90 ° at the same time.

3 When it is about to close, the gate body has been rotated 90 ° without contacting the valve seat.