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Selection method of hydraulic oil

Release Date: May 18, 2017
The selection method of hydraulic oil is as follows:
General hydraulic equipment manufacturers specify the types, grades and viscosity grades of hydraulic oil used in the equipment system in the equipment manual or user manual. Users should first select hydraulic oil according to the equipment manufacturer's recommendations. However, there are many occasions. The operating conditions and operating environment of the system used by the user are different from those specified by the equipment manufacturer, and they need to choose hydraulic oil by themselves. Generally can be selected according to the following principles:
(1) Not sure what type of hydraulic oil should be used in the system. This depends on the operating conditions and working environment of the system.
(2) Secondly, determine the viscosity level of hydraulic oil for the system.
(3) Understand the performance of the selected hydraulic oil.
(4) Know the price of the product.