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Selection of hydraulic oil

Release Date: May 18, 2017
Hydraulic oil is the most widely used variety of industrial lubricants. Hydraulic oil is widely used in metallurgy, mining, engineering machinery, automobiles, aircraft, transportation tools, machine tools and other hydraulic systems. The world's hydraulic oil demand is about 10 million tons per year, accounting for half of industrial lubricants. At present, the annual consumption of hydraulic oil in China is about 300,000 tons, of which about 40,000 tons are anti-wear hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil is a vital component in any hydraulic system. Its function is to effectively transfer energy, lubricate parts and act as a heat sink. Whether a hydraulic system works reliably, sensitively, accurately, efficiently and economically is closely related to the type and performance of the hydraulic oil used. Therefore, the correct selection of hydraulic oil is a prerequisite to ensure the normal and long-term work of the hydraulic system. When the hydraulic system fails, it is important to find the cause in time and take corrective measures to protect the equipment and avoid major losses.
Selection of hydraulic oil varieties
(1) Select the type of hydraulic oil according to the working pressure and temperature of the hydraulic system.
(2) Select the hydraulic oil type according to the working environment of the hydraulic system.
(3) Select hydraulic oil varieties according to special performance requirements.