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Bevel gear slurry valve characteristics and performance specifications

Release Date: May 24, 2017
Z573X bevel gear slurry valve is a new product developed based on the continuous digestion and absorption of similar product structures and manufacturing processes at home and abroad during the production and application process. The main body is made of cast and cast iron. The diameter is from DN50-DN1200. The product is widely used in chemical, coal, food, sewage, papermaking, steel and other fields. It is an ideal sealed valve . Sprocket type slurry valve is mainly composed of left and right valve body, U-shaped seal ring, gate, steel nut, valve stem, bracket, hand wheel and other parts. The valve is closed; otherwise it is open. Other driving methods such as electric device, pneumatic device and electro-hydraulic device can also be installed by rotation according to customers' requirements.
Performance specifications:
Nominal pressure PN Seal test Shell test Operating temperature Applicable medium
0.6MPa 0.66MPa 0.9MPa -10 ℃ ~ 120 ℃ Slurry, cinder, paper pulp, grain slurry, granular and other media
1.0MPa 1.1MPa 1.5MPa