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Ventilation butterfly valve technical parameters and standards

Release Date: May 04, 2017

The main technical parameters

1. Nominal diameter DN (mm) 50 ~ 2000

2.Nominal pressure PN (MPa) 0.05 0.25 0.6

3.Test pressure Ps (MPa) Strength test 0.075 0.375 0.9

4. Sealing test ≤ 1.5% leakage

Applicable medium: coal gas, dust-containing gas, flue gas, etc.

Drive form: manual, worm and worm gear drive, pneumatic drive, electric drive

Adopted standards:

Design standard: GB / T 12238-1989; JB / T8692-1998

Flange connection size: GB / T9115.1-2000

Structure length: GB / T12221-1989;

Pressure test: GB / T 13927-1992; JB / T9092-1999

Uses and characteristics:

Ventilation butterfly valve is made of the same material as the valve body into a sealing ring. The applicable temperature depends on the material selection of the valve body. The nominal pressure is ≤ 1.0 MPa. It is generally suitable for industrial, metallurgical, environmental protection and other pipes for ventilation regulation of medium flow. Its main features are:

1. Novel and reasonable design, unique structure, light weight and quick opening and closing.

2. The operating torque is small, the operation is convenient, and the effort is dexterous.

3. Use adaptable materials to meet low, medium and high temperature of different media and corrosive media.