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Ventilation butterfly valve parameters and standards

Release Date: May 04, 2017

Butterfly valve is a simple structured regulating valve, which can also be used for on / off control of low-pressure pipeline media. Ventilation butterfly valve is a non-closed butterfly valve.

The company's main products: large ventilation butterfly valve , electric ventilation butterfly valve, leakage rate is 0, explosion-proof ventilation butterfly valve .


Nominal diameter DN (mm) 50 ~ 2000

Nominal pressure PN (Mpa) 0.05 0.25 0.6

Test pressure strength test 0.075 0.375 0.9

Leakage test ≤1.5%

Applicable medium gas, dust gas, flue gas, etc.

Applicable temperature: minus -10 degrees, plus minus 250 degrees


1.Design standard: GB / T12238-1989 JB / T8692-1998

2.Flange connection size: GB / T9115.1-2000

3.Structure length h: GB / T12221-1989

4.Pressure test: GB / T13927-1992; JB / T9092-1999