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9 points for maintenance and inspection of moving valves

Release Date: June 10, 2017

The electric valve is a self-control valve system with a relatively complicated structure. Good daily maintenance is conducive to ensuring the normal use of the electric valve and prolonging its service life. How to do routine maintenance?

1. Different protection levels of electric actuators determine the use of electric valves. If the electric head with the lowest protection level is recommended, it should be used in a dry environment or in a dry and ventilated room. The two ends of the valve should be sealed with glands. ;

2. Long-term Shanghai Guanhuan Electric Valve Factory specializes in the production and sale of electric valves. Check the protective cover of the electric head on time, whether the insulation wire is damaged or damaged, and pay attention to removing dirt;

3. The electric valve has strong vibration during operation, because the opening and closing speed is relatively fast, it is necessary to regularly check whether the connecting bolts and packing gland bolts are loose. If looseness is found, necessary treatment should be carried out in time to avoid hidden dangers to production and cause unnecessary losses.

4. If the electric head motor fails during use, if it is replaced, do not try to repair it by yourself. The structure of the electric actuator is more complicated. In addition, it needs to be tested before use. It is best to be handled by a professional manufacturer's technician.

5. The packing of the electric valve is relatively worn and needs to be replaced periodically according to the operating conditions to prevent leakage during the operation of the valve.

6. The handwheel on the electric head and the nameplate are lost. Spare parts should be used in time, especially the handwheel is not allowed to be replaced by other tools such as wrenches. The excessive torque will cause the valve to be damaged.

7. For electric valves in environments prone to pollution by rain, snow, dust, wind and sand, the valve stem should be installed with a protective cover.

8. The seals, caps and other accessories of electric valves should be complete and intact. If there is a thermal insulation jacket, there should be no depressions or cracks to ensure that the heat sink of the high temperature and low temperature valve is intact.

9. The G-shaped electric valve with crown ring in operation is strictly prohibited from knocking, standing or supporting heavy objects; especially non-metal electric valves and cast iron electric valves.