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Parameter of butterfly valve test data

Release Date: June 10, 2017

In order to test the performance of the butterfly valve , it has a good throttling effect. The percentage of butterfly valve opening in the closed position is usually variable. According to the average velocity head in the pipeline, when the Reynolds number is 10,000, the flow resistance coefficients of the solid butterfly plate when the blocking ratios are 0.976, 0.950, 0.915, 0.900, and 0.800 are obtained. The relationship curve of plate closing angle and the influence of blocking ratio convection coefficient. A small negative value is caused by a change in the scale due to the sensitivity of the pressure sensor to temperature. In addition, the maximum value of Kv appears near 90 ° instead of 90 °, which is caused by the inaccurate detection of the potentiometer. According to the preset opening percentage of the valve and the good performance of the throttle control valve, when the solid disc plate plug ratio is 0.950. At 0915, the curve was smooth, it had a good slope, and no hysteresis was found. When the valve is opened 5% and 10%, the test is performed under Reynolds numbers of 3.8X102X102 and 2.4X102X102, respectively. These Reynolds numbers are obtained at Q = 0 °. When the Reynolds number is limited to this range, the flow resistance coefficient is actually independent of the Reynolds number. In order to study the influence of the cascade on the flow resistance coefficient, tests were performed on the perforated discs and solid discs with a blocking ratio of 0.915.

Classification of working temperature

1. High temperature. t> 450 ° C butterfly valve.

2. Medium temperature butterfly valve. 120 C <t <450 ℃ butterfly valve.

3. Normal temperature butterfly valve. A butterfly valve at 40C <t <; 120 ° C.

4. Low temperature butterfly valve. -100 <t <-40 ° C butterfly valve.

5. Ultra-low temperature butterfly valve . t <a 100 ° C butterfly valve.