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Stainless steel ball valve has 3 main contents

Release Date: July 06, 2017

With the continuous development of the national economy, hydropower, petrochemical and other industries have increasingly demanded high-efficiency, low-cost stainless steel ball valves, and at the same time, the performance requirements of stainless steel ball valves have become higher and higher. For many years, the structural optimization of stainless steel ball valves can only rely on engineering experience. Due to the complex structure of stainless steel ball valves , stress concentration and deformation are not coordinated, which leads to a reduction in the service life of stainless steel ball valves and leakage.

The main research contents of stainless steel ball valves are as follows:

1. Establish a finite element analysis model of the stainless steel ball valve body structure, analyze the strength and deformation of the valve and valve body structure, obtain the magnitude and distribution of the equivalent stress of the valve and the valve body, and then find the weak link of the structure.

2. With the mass and stiffness of the stainless steel ball valve body as the constraint conditions, the maximum stress and the maximum maximum displacement as the objective function, the basic size of the stainless steel ball valve body as the design variable, combined with sensitivity analysis and Pareto multi-objective optimization, a reasonable result was obtained. The size and position of the stiffener structure improves the overall stress distribution of the ball valve, making it more evenly distributed, and improving the safety and economy of the overall structure of the ball valve.

3. Perform reliability analysis on the structure of the improved stainless steel ball valve body, obtain reliability parameters such as life, damage, and safety factor, find out the parts prone to fatigue failure, and evaluate the safety of large-caliber ball valves. The results show that the improved valve and valve body are safe and reliable under working pressure and meet the design requirements.