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How to make 90 degrees elbow 4 sections

Release Date: August 05, 2017

You can use a steel pipe with a diameter of 800cm to cut 4 pieces at an included angle of 22.5 degrees, and then use electric welding to butt the shortest included angle of each small tube, and fully weld each joint.

Manual stakeout steps:

1. First draw the side projection of the elbow according to the actual size. Includes seams.

2. Divide each closed wireframe graphic into independent graphics by line. (You can crop it or draw it separately.

3. Take a pattern (set the center line perpendicularly) on another piece of paper, and draw two horizontal lines that are parallel to each other along the pattern height and perpendicular to the center line. The length is exactly the circumference of the pattern diameter. (Closed rectangle)

4. Divide the vertical direction of the design into equal marks and mark them. Then draw these equal lines vertically into the expanded rectangle just drawn. Note that the points on the expanded image must correspond to the points on the projected pattern.

5. Divide the diagonal line on the pattern in the horizontal direction. And parallel to the expanded pattern, corresponding to the corresponding points. Smoothly connecting the intersection points obtained on the developed sample is the developed curve . The denser the division, the more accurate the curve.

6. Release the amount of bite, and the thickness of the plate.