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Introduction of stamping elbow forming process

Release Date: August 05, 2017

The forming process of the stamping elbow is complicated, and it needs to be welded according to different materials and uses, and gradually formed under a certain pressure. The forming of the stamping elbow needs to be performed according to a certain procedure, and the corresponding process must be strictly followed, otherwise the stamping elbow produced will have quality problems. According to requirements, a circular ring shell can be cut into four 90 ° elbows or six 60 ° elbows or other specifications. This process is suitable for stainless steel elbow manufacturers to produce elbows with a diameter ratio greater than the inner diameter 1.5D large push elbow of any specification is the ideal method for manufacturing large push elbow.

This process molding method is used in the production of different elbows and shows good use value in different fields, so that the process has a good value in the production of different elbows.