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Analysis of bending resistance of stainless steel elbow

Release Date: September 02, 2017

Stainless steel elbow products are equipped with a lining at the mouth of the elbow . One part of the lining is located in the mouth of the pipe, which is fixedly connected to the inner wall of the wide mouth. The other part of the lining is located outside the mouth of the product. The inner lining is provided with a cutout. When the stainless steel elbow is connected with a stainless steel pipe, it is easy to be butted and installed, can eliminate the tension generated by the pipe connection, has strong anti-deformation ability, and after welding, the joint will not be deformed after long-term use, and the installation decoration effect is good.

The main technical points are: stainless steel elbow body, the elbow body of the product includes a curved bending section and a straight line section connected at both ends of the bending section, and also includes an arc-shaped anti-bending section. The ends are connected by anti-bend parts, and the two form a hollow. By setting the anti-bending part, the anti-bending performance of the elbow body is enhanced, and the service life of the elbow body is also increased.