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Introduce the connection method between valve and pipeline or equipment

Release Date: October 9, 2018

The correct choice of the connection method between the valve and the pipeline or equipment will directly affect the probability of the pipeline valve producing running, dripping, dripping, and leaking.

Common valve connection methods include: flange connection, wafer connection, butt welding connection, thread connection, ferrule connection, clamp connection, self-sealing connection and other connection forms.

First, flange connection:

The valve body has flanges at both ends, corresponding to the flange on the pipeline, and the flange is fixed in the pipeline by bolts. Flange connection is the most commonly used connection in valves. Flange is divided into raised surface (RF), flat surface (FF), convex and concave surface (MF) and so on. According to the shape of the joint surface, it can be divided into the following types:

1.Smooth type: It is used for valves with low pressure, which is convenient for processing.

2. Concave-convex type: high working pressure, medium hard gasket can be used.

3. Tongue and groove type: A gasket with large plastic deformation can be used, which is widely used in corrosive media and has a good sealing effect.

4. Trapezoidal groove type: Use oval metal ring as gasket for valves with working pressure ≥64 kg / cm2, or high temperature valves.

5, lens type: the gasket is a lens shape, made of metal. It is used for high pressure valve with high working pressure ≥100kg / cm2, or high temperature valve.

6. O-ring type: This is a newer type of flange connection. It is developed with the appearance of various rubber O-rings. It is more reliable in sealing effect than ordinary flat washers.

Second, the clip connection:

The valve is installed in the middle of two flanges . There is usually a positioning hole on the valve body to facilitate installation and positioning. The connection form is used to directly bolt the valve and the two pipes together.

Welding connection

1. Butt welding connection: Both ends of the valve body are processed into butt welding grooves according to the requirements of butt welding, corresponding to the pipe welding grooves, and fixed to the pipe by welding.

2. Socket welding connection: Both ends of the valve body are processed according to the requirements of socket welding, and are connected to the pipeline through socket welding.