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6-point related application of superimposed hydraulic control check valve

Release Date: November 13, 2018

Related Applications of Stacked Hydraulic Control Check Valves:

1. "Support" of hydraulic cylinders: In vertical hydraulic cylinders, due to the leakage of slide valves and pipes, the pistons and piston rods may fall under the gravity of the pistons and piston rods. The superposition type hydraulic control check valve is connected to the oil circuit in the lower cavity of the hydraulic cylinder, which can prevent the moving parts such as the piston and slider of the hydraulic cylinder from falling down.

2. Maintaining pressure: The slide valve type reversing valve has a gap leakage phenomenon, and can only maintain pressure for a short time. When pressure holding is required, a superimposed hydraulic control check valve can be added to the oil circuit, and the tightness of the poppet valve can be used to maintain the pressure of the oil circuit for a long time.

3. Achieving hydraulic cylinder locking: When the directional valve is in the neutral position, the two superimposed hydraulic control check valves are closed to tightly seal the oil in the two chambers of the hydraulic cylinder. At this time, the piston cannot move due to external force .

4. Large-flow oil drainage: The effective working area of the two chambers of the hydraulic cylinder is very different. When the piston is retracted, the oil displacement in the right cavity of the hydraulic cylinder suddenly increases. At this time, if a slide valve with a small flow rate is used, throttling will occur and the piston's backward speed will be limited. When the piston of the hydraulic cylinder is retracted, the pressure oil is controlled to open the superimposed hydraulic control check valve , so that the right cavity oil can be smoothly discharged.

5. As a filling valve: During the high-speed descending process of the piston of the vertical hydraulic cylinder, due to the action of high-pressure oil and its own weight, the descending is rapid, and the suction and negative pressure are generated. It is necessary to add an oil replenishing device. Superimposed hydraulic control check valve is used as a charge valve to complete the replenishment function

6. Combining into a directional valve: When designing a hydraulic circuit, sometimes a superimposed hydraulic control check valve can be combined into a directional valve. For example: using two superposition hydraulic control check valves and one check valve in parallel (center of the check valve), it is equivalent to the reversing circuit of a three-position three-way reversing valve. It should be pointed out that when the control pressure oil port is not working, it should be passed back to the fuel tank, otherwise the control piston is difficult to reset and the check valve can not stop the flow in the reverse direction.