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Introduction of the fields of use of electro-hydraulic flat gates

Release Date: November 13, 2018

The use of electro-hydraulic flat gates has developed from the most common field to a wider range of uses. From mine slag development to urban sewage treatment; from general industrial pipelines to food sanitation pipeline systems. The electro-hydraulic flat gate designed by our company solves the difficult problems of common gate valves, ball valves, globe valves, regulating valves, butterfly valves, etc. which have large flow resistance, heavy installation, and a large floor area. The design of the square DC channel is not afraid of slag deposits, jamming, fast opening and closing, easy maintenance, short structure length and so on. The bottom end of the blade is processed into a blade shape, which has a cutting function on soft materials such as fiber, pulp and wood pulp, and has a good opening and closing function. The telescopic shutter can scrape off the adhesion on the sealing surface and automatically remove debris. After the emergence of electro-hydraulic plate gates, a large number of general cut-off and regulating valves have been replaced by electro-hydraulic plate gates.

Electro-hydraulic slab gate is one of the newest commonly used cut-off gates. Electro-hydraulic slab gate is suitable for cutting or circulating the medium in the pipelines of chemical industry, petroleum light industry, coal mine, medicine, papermaking, and environmental protection sewage Slab gate is suitable for slurry in solid phase and liquid phase, especially for the interception of sludge and pipelines containing sludge and fibrous media. The high-tech mechanical electro-hydraulic plate gate is a new high-tech gate. The actuator of this gate is Electro-hydraulic push rod drive can realize long-distance centralized control, can start with load, flexible action, stable work, can effectively absorb load force, small impact force, and accurate stroke control. The expansion and contraction of the piston rod is controlled by the forward and reverse rotation of the motor, which is flexible in configuration and can be used as long as it has a power source.