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Introduction of faucet spool identification method

Release Date: November 13, 2018

There are three types of common spools: stainless steel ball valves , ceramic disc spools and shaft-roller spools. The common feature of these three types of spools is their integrity, and the entire mandrel as a whole is easy to install, repair and replace.

Water tap identification method:

1. Switch the handle of the faucet and feel it with your hands. Is there any sense of obstruction in the middle of the switch?

2. Turn the spool switch to half and stop. Then hit it in place! Use the feeling to compare, is the feel of the upper half and the lower half the same! (Slightly high-end valve core can do this)

3. When the valve core is around (adjusting the hot and cold)! (First use the above method) and then look at the weight. When the good valve core is around, it is "idling", that is, it feels very light!

4. Gently grip the handle of the faucet with your forefinger and middle finger to move it up and down, left and right, and observe whether it is flexible and not loose, whether there is a blocking feel, whether there is an oil damping feel, such as flexible and not loose, without blocking It can be bought with a heavy oil damping feel!