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Introduction to the development of China's semiconductor industry

Release Date: January 16, 2018

The development of China's semiconductor industry requires a long-term strategic vision. Although process breakthroughs such as memory, 28nm, and 14nm are very important, it is difficult for China's semiconductor industry to achieve its own autonomous and controllable goals without improving the level of basic products. Therefore, a two-pronged approach is necessary, and it is time for big funds to play an important role.

China's semiconductor industry is different. Compared with the previous one, the feeling at this stage is "too much money", and you may not find a suitable investment project.

Is it really too much money? Still missing items? The reason is very complicated, and I feel that the development of China's semiconductor industry is still in its initial stage, reflected in the industrial development is still not mature enough, really rational to think about it, many money may really not be able to invest.

Assume that the market as the demand, converted into production capacity, and then to expand the production capacity of China's chip manufacturing industry in accordance with this idea is not desirable. As we all know, investment is a "double-edged sword". No matter how big the market is, it needs to be obtained through competition. The elements of competition are technology, talents and funds, including industrial policies and the environment.

Most of the start of China's semiconductor manufacturing industry is foundry, rather than IDM, which is rational. Because the relative IDM model requires proprietary technology, plus the product has inventory to bear greater risks.