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Definition of valve positioner

Release Date: January 02, 2018

In some cases, the auto-tuning program cannot correctly detect the valve parameters. Especially when the valve's actuator is smaller than Shanwu's HA1 actuator; the head capacity is 850cm3) or the valve stroke is less than 14.3mm. If you need help, please contact your Yamatake representative. Auto tuning and zero / range adjustment are distinguished by different input signals. Fully open; zero point and full close; adjustment of full scale is also distinguished according to different input signals. If the input signal accuracy is not in the range of 1mA when fully open and fully closed, the adjustment accuracy of the positioner will not be guaranteed? At the same time, unpredictable results may be produced. After performing auto-tuning? You can input different control signals to check the control accuracy of the valve. If the input signal drops below 4mA during auto-tuning? Auto-tuning will not be completed? You must repeat it. After the auto-tuning is completed, the input signal must be maintained for 30 seconds (power supply ~ 4mA or more? Make sure that the parameters of the auto-tuning are saved to the memory of the positioner. If the smart handheld programmer; SFC) is connected online? Use zero span adjustment The button was automatically adjusted. Press the button again for communication. Read the parameters of the positioner.