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Introduce the types and characteristics of microporous filter membranes

Release Date: March 12, 2018


Remove solid particles from liquids and gases; accuracy is 0.01um-50um; pressure difference is 100kPa; sieving principle; porous media.


Solution to remove large molecules, large molecules to small molecules; accuracy: 10 angstroms-200 angstroms; pressure difference of 100-1000kPa; sieving principle; porous media.


Solvent removal of organic components, removal of high-value particles, softening, decolorization, concentration, separation; accuracy:> 1nm; pressure difference of 500-10000kPa;

Dissolution-diffusion Don-na effect; asymmetric or composite membrane media.

Reverse Osmosis:

Solvent solute removal, concentration of small molecule solute-containing solution; accuracy: 1-10 angstroms; pressure difference of 1000-10000kPa; preferential adsorption of capillary flow, dissolution-diffusion principle;


Macromolecular solute solution to remove small molecules, small molecule solute solution to remove macromolecules; accuracy:> 0.02um, hemodialysis> 0.005um; concentration difference is the driving force; the principle of hindered diffusion in screening microporous membranes; asymmetric membranes or ions Exchange membrane media.