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Brief introduction of water control valve

Release Date: April 17, 2018

The stainless steel water control valve is an automatic liquid level control valve, which uses the float valve in the control loop to open and magnetically close to control the opening of the main valve. In addition, this valve is more suitable for horizontal installation. The valve cover should be set in front of the alarm valve, which is designed along the direction of water flow. As long as the main valve is not changed, it can also be used as a multi-function valve. Because the valve is operated by medium pressure and hydraulic system, it does not require manual operation, and can be automatically controlled at the same time. Its action is more accurate than ordinary valves. In addition, this type of valve has reliable performance and good reputation. Therefore, it is widely used in many large-scale water conservancy projects and building feedwaters, and has won the favor of users.

We know that many water conservancy projects now use stainless steel water control valves, because this kind of valve does not need to increase oil lubrication, and when it encounters internal parts damage, it will not have an excessive impact on the system.

In addition, here is a reminder to customers that when using stainless steel water control valves, pay attention to daily maintenance. Only in this way can they increase their service life.