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Introduction of old and small pneumatic diaphragm actuators

Release Date: June 30, 2018

1. Old-style pneumatic film actuator:

The actuator is one of the most widely used actuators in the past. It is usually connected to a standard signal pressure of 20 ~ 100KPa, and has the advantages of simple structure , reliable operation, convenient maintenance, and low price. The actuator is divided into two types of positive and negative action: domestic models ZMA (positive action) and ZMB (reverse action), which means: Z—actuator category; M—pneumatic film type; A—positive action; B -reaction. When the signal pressure increases, the push rod moves downwards is called a positive-acting actuator; on the other hand, when the signal pressure increases, the push rod moves upwards is called a reverse-acting actuator. In structure, the positive and negative acting actuators are basically the same, and are composed of a membrane cover, a corrugated diaphragm, a push rod part, a spring, a bracket, and the like. Add pads to the positive-acting structure and replace individual parts to change to the reverse-acting type.

2.Fine small pneumatic film actuator

It is mainly designed for the problems of bulky and poor reaction reliability of old-style film actuators. In terms of reducing weight and height, it changed the single spring of the old structure to multiple springs, and placed the springs directly in the upper and lower film covers, which greatly reduced and reduced the support; in terms of reliability, the reaction of the old-fashioned actuators The deep corrugated rolling diaphragm is changed to an "O" ring seal. The push rod in the old structure has no guidance, and the smoothness of the action is poor, while the small and compact actuator has increased guidance.

To sum up, the compact actuator has the characteristics of high reliability, small size and light weight. Its model: positive action ZHA, negative action ZHB.