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Introduction to the factors affecting the strength of the adhesive of the valve

Release Date: August 06, 2018

Factors affecting adhesive strength:

In practical application, there are many factors that affect the bonding strength of inorganic adhesives.

1. Surface roughness and surface treatment . The roughness of the surface of the adherend determines the mechanical adhesion, which is obtained by strengthening the wetting and adsorption. Increasing the roughness of the adherend surface is equivalent to increasing the surface area. Experiments have shown that roughening the bonding surface increases the actual area, which is conducive to improving the bonding strength.

2. Internal stress due to volume shrinkage during the curing of the adhesive layer. When the internal stress exceeds the bonding stress, the bonding strength decreases significantly and the adhesive layer may fail.

3. Due to the different thermal expansion coefficients of the adhesive layer and the adherend, the thermal and thermal stresses generated during heating or cooling. By changing the curing process (using gradual heating or slow cooling) and selecting an adhesive with a coefficient of thermal expansion close to the adherend, the influence of cold and heat stress on the adhesion of the adhesive layer can be reduced.

4. The role of the environment. Whether the surface of the adherend is clean, the humidity and temperature of the bonding environment may adversely affect the bonding.

5. Additional pressure and thickness when the adhesive layer is cured. During the bonding, a certain pressure is applied to the bonding surface, so that the adhesive more easily fills the tiny holes or even the microcapillary on the surface to be bonded, reducing local bonding defects. In addition, the thickness of the adhesive layer also affects the strength of its adhesion.

6. The adverse effects of other chemical factors. Considering the composition of the adhesive and the limitations that may exist under different working conditions, it is necessary to make a relatively reasonable judgment in the early stage of adhesive selection.