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Working principle of free floating ball steam trap

Release Date: September 03, 2018

Free Float Steam Trap is one of the most advanced steam traps in China. The product's technical quality and manufacturing process have reached the level of similar products in the world. Due to the high precision of the floating ball , the sealing performance of the trap can be ensured. The entire spherical surface can be the sealing surface, and the service life is very long.

Free floating ball steam trap working principle:

The structure of the free-floating steam trap is simple. There is only a finely ground stainless steel hollow float inside, which is both a float and an opening and closing part. It has no vulnerable parts and has a long service life. When the device is just started, air and low-temperature condensate appear in the pipeline. The manual air exhaust valve can quickly remove non-condensing gas. The trap starts to work. The low-temperature condensate flows into the trap. Open the valve . The device quickly raises the temperature. Before the temperature in the pipe rises to the saturation temperature, the automatic air exhaust valve has been closed; the device enters normal operating conditions, the condensate decreases, the liquid level drops, and the float adjusts the valve hole flow with the liquid level; when the condensed water When stop entering, the float approaches the valve seat with the medium flow and closes the valve. The seat of the free-floating steam trap is always below the liquid level, forming a water seal and no steam leakage.