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Standard technology for flanged slow-closing check valves

Release Date: November 16, 2019

This standard applies to flanges with a nominal pressure of PN 4.0MPa, a nominal diameter of DN 4000mm, and an operating temperature of not more than 80 ° C. The working medium is drinking water, raw water, industrial circulating water, seawater, sewage and other non-corrosive media. Connected slow-closing check valve.

The technical requirements in the standard are as follows:

1. The structural length of the flange connection slow-closing check valve should be in accordance with GB / T12221 or according to the user's agreement. When the butterfly check valve is opened, the length of the butterfly plate should not affect the use. ??

2. The size of flange connection and the type of sealing surface should meet the requirements of GB / T17241.6, GB / T17241.7 or GB / T9112. ??

3. The small wall thickness of the valve body should meet the requirements of GB / T12236, GB / T12238 or GB / T13932.