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Working principle of downhole exhaust valve

Release Date: January 14, 2019

Opening of the downhole safety valve : The downhole safety valve is designed to enter the well with the tubing, and its side is connected with a hydraulic control line that extends to the ground and is sealedly connected to the surface pressure automatic control system to form a complete set of downhole safety valve operation. system. When the oil well is in normal production, the pressure control system on the ground transmits the pressure to the piston part of the downhole safety valve through the hydraulic control line. The piston pushes the central tube and continues to compress the spring. As the pressure in the hydraulic control line increases, The central tube first pushes away the steel balls in the self-balancing mechanism to balance the pressure on the valve plate, and finally pushes the valve plate open. The surface hydraulic control system is maintained at a set pressure, so that the underground safety valve is kept open.

Closure of downhole safety valve: When the pressure of the downhole fluid is abnormal, the pressure in the hydraulic control line must be cut off by the hydraulic system on the ground. Under the action of the return force of the spring of the downhole safety valve, the safety valve will close the valve plate. , Make the production channel of the production pipe string emergency shutdown, so as to achieve the blowout prevention function of the safety valve.