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Performance check of pneumatic check valve

Release Date: August 18, 2019

Performance check of pneumatic check valve:

1. When a valve is manufactured in batches of a certain specification, an authoritative institution should be entrusted to perform the following performance testing:

① Opening and closing torque of the valve under working pressure;

② Under the condition of working pressure, it can ensure the continuous number of continuous opening and closing of the valve;

③Detection of flow resistance coefficient of valve under pipeline water delivery condition.

2, the valve should be tested before leaving the factory:

① When the valve is open, the valve body should withstand the internal pressure detection of twice the valve's working pressure value;

② Under the closed condition of the valve, the two sides bear 1.1 times the valve pressure value respectively, and there is no leakage; however, the leakage value of the metal sealed butterfly valve is not greater than the relevant requirements.