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Inside and outside anticorrosion of pneumatic check valve

Release Date: August 18, 2019

Inside and outside anticorrosion of pneumatic check valve :

1. Inside and outside the valve body (including the transmission gear box), firstly, shot blasting and sand removal should be performed, and electrostatic powder sprayed non-toxic epoxy resin should be used, with a thickness of more than 0.3mm. When it is difficult to electrostatically spray non-toxic epoxy resin for extra large valves, similar non-toxic epoxy paint should also be applied by brushing and spraying.

2. The valve body and various parts of the valve plate require comprehensive corrosion protection. On the one hand, it will not rust when immersed in water, and it will not cause electrochemical corrosion between the two metals; on the other hand, the smooth surface reduces the resistance to water passing.

3. The sanitary requirements of anticorrosive epoxy resin or paint in the valve body should have the test report of the corresponding authority. Chemical and physical properties should also meet relevant requirements.