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Standards and Specifications for Wafer Check Valves

Release Date: September 10, 2019

Wafer type check valve is suitable for nominal pressure PN1.0MPa ~ 42.0MPa, Class150-2500; nominal diameter DN15 ~ 1200mm, NPS1 / 2 ~ 48; working temperature -196 ~ 540 ℃ on various pipelines to prevent Media is flowing backwards. By using different materials, it can be applied to various media such as water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, strong oxidizing media and urea.

Standards and specifications of wafer type check valve:

1. Design and manufacturing: API594, API6D, JB / T8937

2. Structure length: API594, API6D, DIN3202, JB / T8937

3. Pressure and temperature grade: ANSI B16.34, DIN2401, GB / T9124, HG20604, HG20625, SH3406, JB / T74

4. Test and inspection: API598, JB / T9092

5.Piping flange: JB / T74 ~ 90, GB / T9112-9124, HG20592 ~ 20635, SH3406, ANSI B 16.5, DIN2543-2548, GB / T13402, API605, ASMEB16.47