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2019 Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Notice

Release Date: September 10, 2019

All employees of the company:

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival , in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Schedule of National Holiday Schedules for 2019" announced by the General Office of the State Council, combined with the actual situation of our company, and after the study and decision of the leadership team, the 2019 Mid-Autumn Festival holiday is notified as follows:

1. The holiday period for the Mid-Autumn Festival is September 13-15, a total of 3 days.

2. After receiving the notice, all departments should properly arrange the duty work, and report the duty table of each department to the company office before 17:00 on September 12, 2019.

3. All departments should strengthen the management of the staff on duty, conscientiously implement the company's emergency plan system, and do a good job of the company's fire prevention, safety, and security work, and find the signs to report to the company staff on time.

Company Office Duty Phone: 0577-88677789

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September 10, 2019