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H12W stainless steel internal check valve

H12W stainless steel internal check valve structure
H12W stainless steel internal check valve structure

Scope of application

H12W stainless steel internal thread check valve has the characteristics of high accuracy, beautiful appearance, small shape, spring device, vertical and horizontal installation, etc. It is used to prevent the medium from flowing backward in the pipeline system.

working principle

The internally threaded check valve is normally closed. Due to the pressure of the medium at the inlet end of the pipeline, the valve is opened by overcoming the resistance of the spring. When the medium pressure at the inlet end is lower than the outlet end, the spring pushes the valve core toward the valve seat to close the valve, preventing the medium from flowing backward, so it acts as a check. Because the spring is used to support the valve core, it can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Structural features

1. Short structure, small size and light weight.
2. The valve flap closes quickly and the water hammer pressure is small.
3. The flow channel is unobstructed and the fluid resistance is small; the action is sensitive and the sealing performance is good.
4, easy installation, can be installed in the horizontal and vertical pipelines.
5. The valve plate adopts the design of adding two torsion springs on the dual plate, which can make the valve plate close by itself.
6. Due to the quick-closing effect, it can prevent the medium from flowing backward and eliminate the water hammer.

Performance specifications

Working pressure: H12 type is 6 ~ 16Mpa; H13 type is 4 ~ 32Mpa
Working medium: water, oil, liquid, etc. <= 420 ℃ and <= 170 ℃.
Parts material: stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, stainless steel 316L, etc.

Dimension table

Nominal diameter DN (mm) G H L
15 1/2 73 43
20 3/4 85 48
25 1 95 55
32 113 73
40 138 86
50 2 156 98