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Slow closing check valve

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Y type (DYH41X) quick-closing check valve

Structure of Y type (DYH41X) quick-closing check valve
Structure of Y type (DYH41X) quick-closing check valve

Scope of application

Y type (DYH41X) quick-closing check valve is used at the outlet of the pump. When the pump stops, it plays a quick check to prevent water hammer. This valve is a special valve installed on the water supply and drainage system pipes of high-rise buildings to reduce the inlet pressure to a certain required outlet pressure. The valve relies on its own energy to keep the outlet pressure stable at the set plant, that is, the outlet pressure does not change due to changes in inlet pressure and flow rate, and a self-cleaning filter is installed at the inlet of the valve control system. The specific gravity is used to make the specific gravity Larger, larger diameter suspended particles will not enter the control system, ensuring that the system cycle is unobstructed and the valve can operate safely and reliably.

Structural features

  1. The valve body adopts a Y-shaped diaphragm structure, and the sealing pair is a non-metallic seal;
  2. The valve generally requires horizontal installation, and the connection form with the pipeline is flange connection, and the flange connection size is implemented according to the national standard GB / T17241.6.
  3. It consists of valve body, valve cover, central shaft, copper sleeve, valve seat, valve disc and other main parts. The valve can be opened and closed by controlling the vertical movement of the valve disc.
  4. It has the characteristics of automatic hydraulic control, which can be interlocked with the water pump. When the water pump is stopped, it can quickly stop and prevent water hammer.
  5. The sealing effect is good and the valve leakage is guaranteed to be zero leakage.

Technical Parameters

Nominal pressure
Shell test pressure
Seal test pressure
Applicable medium Medium temperature
1.0 1.5 1.1 water 0 ~ 80
1.6 2.4 1.76
2.5 3.75 2.75

Part material

Part Name Parts material
Body valve cover WCB
Valve seat Copper alloy
O-ring seal Nitrile rubber
Valve stem 2Cr13
spring 50CrVA
Needle valve Copper alloy
Ball valve Copper alloy
Float valve Copper alloy
Micro filter stainless steel