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Slow closing check valve

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JLH multifunctional three-in-one check valve

JLH multifunctional three-in-one check valve structure diagram
JLH multifunctional three-in-one check valve structure diagram

Scope of application

JLH multifunctional three-in-one check valve integrates the functions of water hammer check valve, globe valve and balance valve, which can be installed in general buildings, apartments and factories for water supply and drainage, hot and cold water treatment, and small boiler condensation. At the pump outlet of the secondary water supply pipeline, it is used to prevent the medium in the pipeline from flowing back due to the stop of the pump.

working principle

When the pump starts, the liquid enters from the inlet, lifts the valve flap, and flows to the outlet. When the water pump is stopped, due to the quick-closing spring installed on the valve disc, before the medium reverses, the flow rate closes to zero quickly, preventing the occurrence of water hammer and eliminating noise. Adjust the valve stem opening to change the flow. Closing the valve stem can act as a stop valve.

Structural features

  1. When the pump stops rotating, the spring force first closes the valve flap, thus preventing water hammer.
  2. By adjusting the opening degree, the output of the pump can be adjusted.
  3. Equipped with an indicator, you can confirm the opening of the valve with your eyes.
  4. The gasket is made of nitrile rubber, so it does not leak at all and can absorb the impulse.
  5. The spring is made of stainless steel due to its strong corrosion resistance.
  6. It can save water equipment materials and costs, and reduce installation space.
  7. Because the shape and structure are streamlined, the pressure drop is small.
  8. Because it plays the role of bypass, it has the function of recovering the water in the outlet side pipe, and when the vacuum occurs on the inlet side, it supplements the water diversion.
  9. It can be installed on horizontal pipes and vertical pipes.

Technical Parameters

performance ATO-2001 ATO-2002
Suitable medium Water and oil
Applicable pressure 10kg / cm² 20kg / cm²
Suitable temperature Up to 80ºC
Allowable leakage 0
specification DN50-DN800
Connection method Flange standard 10kg / cm² Flange standard 20kg / cm²
Material Body cap cast iron Cast steel
Valve seat Cast steel
Seal Nitrile rubber
Valve identification Cast steel Cast steel
spring stainless steel

Dimension table

Nominal diameter Installation method Structure length L (mm) Pipe screw and flange diameter (mm) Opening height H (mm) Center distance between bolt holes (mm) Number and diameter of bolt holes Weight kg
50 Flange connection 230 160 210 125 4-18 16
65 290 180 250 145 4-18 twenty four
80 310 195 290 160 8-18 35
100 350 215 320 180 8-18 50
125 400 245 380 210 8-18 72
150 480 280 420 240 8-18 98
200 533 335 500 295 12-23 150
250 622 405 580 355 12-25 230
300 698 460 730 410 12-25 390
350 787 520 830 470 16-25 500