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175H48Y / H-200 air check valve

175H48Y / H-200 air exhaust check valve structure diagram
175H48Y / H-200 air exhaust check valve structure diagram

175H48Y / H-200 air exhaust check valve works with the minimum flow recirculation valve of the pump to maintain the safe operation of the system. Widely used in municipal construction, farmland water conservancy, thermal power generation, petrochemicals, metallurgical and mining, fire protection and environmental protection, food, shipping, medicine and textile and other fields.

working principle

Open the outlet valve and start the feed pump. After the feed water reaches a certain pressure, the valve core will automatically rise and push away from the valve seat, and the feed water will flow out. At the same time, the spool connecting rod pulls the drain port valve to close the drain port. When the feedwater pump flow rate is reduced, the valve core drops, pushing the connecting rod to pull out the drain valve disc, and opening the recirculation door to maintain the minimum flow rate of the pump. When the pump is stopped, the valve core automatically drops to close the passage, thereby preventing the high-pressure water hammer from damaging the water supply system.

Performance parameter

Nominal pressure
PN (MPa)
Shell test pressure
Ps (MPa)
Working pressure
PN (MPa)
Applicable medium Operating temperature
20 30 20 water ≤160

Part material

Part Name material
Valve body, positioning wheel, connecting flange, exhaust flange, flange cover Carbon cast steel
Guide shaft, fork, shaft sleeve, slider, exhaust sleeve, exhaust tray stainless steel
Bolts and studs Chrome-molybdenum steel
bushing Cast aluminum bronze
Disc, disc body, disc shaft, connecting fork, nut High-quality carbon steel

Dimension table

DN L D D1 D2 D6 b Zd f f2 H Weight (kg)
100 430 360 292 245 138 66 8-41 3 6 630 285
150 550 440 360 305 190 82 12-Ф48 3 6 650 510
175 610 475 3944 340 214 84 12-Ф48 3 6 685 700
225 900 580 483 418 268 100 12-Ф58 3 6 765 1105
250 900 670 572 508 319 110 16-Ф58 3 6 780 1330